Monday, October 15, 2012

WHITE HOUSE HOTEL yangon , myanmar


  1. The great Schwedagon Pagoda stands on a platform covering over 5 hectares on a hill 58m above sea level. It can be seen from virtually anywhere in the city, and the citizens of Yangon literally live out their everyday lives in its shadow.

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  3. Hey I'm planning to travel to Myanmar next month with my family and I was kind of worried about our accommodation and hotel booking because we don't know anyone there with whom we could stay. I've never been to Myanmar myself so I'm completely unaware about local hotels rates and quality and when you're on holidays you try your best to save so I didn't want to get bluffed or something. That's why I was just checking the internet for some affordable quality hotels in Myanmar when I came across your blog. Thanks for the help and I'll definitely check out the hotel in more detail.

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